Ministry of Helps

Serving in the Ministry of Helps
You must be a member of GCC to serve in any area of ministry. If you are already a member of GCC, you may obtain a Ministry of Helps Application at the Welcome Center. Please fill it out and return it to the Welcome Center. The department head will contact you once your application has been processed.

Audio Department
Producing quality sound for praise and worship, regular services and special events.

Bookstore Department
An extensive source of audio tapes, video tapes, and books to continually feed your faith in the uncompromised Word of God.

Children's Department
Nursery, Toddler, Preschool, Children's Church, GCC Family Characters, Puppets.

Housekeeping Department
Helping maintain the appearance of God's house through cleaning, building and repairing.

Music Department
Ushering in the presence of God and ministering to Him through praise and worship, choir, hand bells and visual aids.

Outreach Department
Adult Bible Class, Altar Response, Cards, Care Ministry, Evangelism, Hospitality, Missions.

Parking Lot
Providing order and safety in our parking lots.

Pastoral Department
Baby Dedication, Funerals, Motivational Team, New Members Class, Pulpit Assistant, Water Baptism, Weddings.

Social Department
Fellowships, Kitchen, Men’s Fellowships, Women’s Fellowships, Marrieds, Singles.

Tape Department
Coordinating the duplication of tapes and CD’s from regular services and guest speakers.

Usher Department
Coordination & support in every activity at Grace Christian Center.

Video Department
Videos and photographs of church activities, special services and events, and fellowships for church records.

Welcome Center
Designed to inform church members and visitors of events in the church, location of classrooms, activity sign-ups, etc.

Youth Department
Equipping and empowering today's youth, grades 6 through 12, to be unwavering, firm and determined in the things of God.