GCC Ministries

A baby dedication service welcomes newborns into the family of Grace Christian Center, and a well trained, organized nursery staff cares for their needs during church services.

Children’s classes minister to the needs of children in an atmosphere that is fun and exciting, teaching them the truths of God's Word.

Through inspiring services and activities, our youth are given opportunities to make new friends and learn how to face the challenges of life and overcome them.

Singles are included at Grace Christian Center. Activities and parties encourage our singles to fellowship and develop relationships which grow into lasting friendships.

Married couples find tremendous opportunities to meet and fellowship with other couples through social events and outings offered for all age groups.

God ordained the family unit before He established the Church. That is why we place an immense importance on families. Grace Christian Center is a family church.

Praise and worship plays an important part in all of the services at Grace Christian Center. A vital and dynamic part of the body is our Music Department whose purpose is to lead the congregation into the presence of God through praise and worship.

The Family of Grace Christian Center endeavors to reach out with the care and love of Christ to minister to the needs of its members and guests. The church family also reaches out to the community through activities such as evangelism, missions, hospital visitation and other avenues.

We know and understand that relationships are developed through fellowship. Activities, such as church picnics and socials, are all special times when families within Grace Christian Center can strengthen their relationship by enjoying relaxing fellowship together.

Ministry of Helps
We believe that one should always remain active in service to the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus. There are many areas within Grace Christian Center that are excellent avenues to serve the Lord Jesus and the body of Christ: Click on Ministry of Helps to see all the areas of Helps Ministry you can be involved in.